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Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food | Pho D-Lite - Waldorf, MD

Vietnamese food is well known, yet you are probably one of the many people in Waldorf, MD who has never tried it for yourself. If...

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Pho | Pho D-Lite - Waldorf, MD

Here in the United States, we have an entire genre of meals known as, “fast food.” They are great for the times when you don’t have...

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Thai Curry

Thai Curry | Pho D-Lite - Waldorf, MD,MD

While Pho D-Lite is rightly known as a Vietnamese restaurant, we don’t want to limit ourselves too much. After all, Vietnam isn’t...

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Welcome To Pho D-Lite

Come discover a new way of dining. We’re Pho D-Lite, your new destination for Asian food in Waldorf, MD. If you are looking for fresh food and a healthy menu, you’ve come to the right place. Vietnamese and Thai foods are known for their fresh, healthy ingredients, and their subtle flavors. We’re bringing these qualities to you so you can experience these incredible cuisines yourself.

Our Vietnamese dishes like Bun Bo Nuong (Grilled Beef) feature fine noodles, fresh greens, bean sprouts, and more, served with a delicious fish sauce.

Our Thai Curry delivers the various taste sensations that Thai cuisine is known for, and is only one of our Southeast Asian Specials.

And if you are in a hurry, you’ll want to try Pho, the Vietnamese alternative to American fast food restaurants. It’s healthy, tasty fast food that gets you going fast without all the fat and other things that make U.S. fast food so bad for you.

Our food is great, but there is much more to the Pho D-Lite experience. We want to make your time with us a pleasant, relaxing one. Customer service is our top priority. You’ll see it in everything we do, from the way we serve you to the way we are happy to answer any questions you might have about the food or the restaurant.

If you are ready to experience the best in Vietnamese and Thai food, come visit us in the Waldorf Market Place. Whether you are looking to try a new taste experience, or just too busy to cook tonight, check us out. Taste this delicious, healthy food for yourself. We’re sure you will be glad you did, and look forward to serving you regularly in the future.

Be sure to come by for our Grand Opening!

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