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Here in the United States, we have an entire genre of meals known as, “fast food.” They are great for the times when you don’t have time for a full, relaxed meal. Unfortunately, they are also full of fats, chemicals, and empty calories. Fast they may be, but healthy they are not.

Asian nations also have a tradition of fast food. After all, being busy isn’t confined to the people of the United States. But there are crucial differences between our fast food and the kind you will find in the typical fast food place around town.

Our Vietnamese fast food, or street food as it is also known, is called Pho. Whereas U.S.-style fast food has all the drawbacks mentioned above, Pho is simply a form of food that is fast to prepare, using special ingredients like Pho noodles. We still use the highest quality ingredients, and tasty herbs and seasonings to produce this great fast food. It is simply fast to prepare.

Historically, Pho, which originated in the Northern part of Vietnam, spread throughout the country over the years. In Vietnam, it is often served early in the morning or late at night, to serve the needs of people who have to eat but don’t have time for a regular meal. Here in Waldorf, MD, we serve Pho throughout the day to give you an option for fast, quality food whenever you need it.

Stop by Pho D-Lite today or whenever you need a fast healthy meal. Your schedule will appreciate it, as will your taste buds and your entire body. Who says fast can’t be delicious and healthy too!

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