Thai Curry

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Thai Curry

Thai Curry | Pho D-Lite - Waldorf, MD

While Pho D-Lite is rightly known as a Vietnamese restaurant, we don’t want to limit ourselves too much. After all, Vietnam isn’t the only country in the region known for its healthy, delicious food. That’s why, in addition to our traditional Vietnamese recipes, we are proud to offer the people of Waldorf, MD our incredible Thai Curry!

Our Thai Curry, like our Vietnamese dishes, is made with only all-natural, organic ingredients. The focus in this dish is on the four types of flavor: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. Depending on the ingredients you choose for your curry dish, the meal will feature three of the four flavor types.

Thai Curry features main ingredients like Jasmine rice, Chinese broccoli, and grilled pork or chicken. There are also traditional eastern spices and seasonings like turmeric, curry, coconut milk, and many other ingredients that give Thai food its unique taste. If you’ve never tried this distinctive cuisine before, you are in for a treat.

What if you are new to Thai Curry, and Thai cuisine in general? How will you know what to choose to experience these differences? Ask us! Our staff is well versed in the nuances of our menu and can help you to decide on your ingredients based on what taste sensations you seek. And of course, we are sensitive to each person’s unique dietary needs, and will do whatever we can to accommodate you. The customer is number one in everything we do here.

We pride ourselves on using authentic Thai, or Thai-inspired ingredients in our curry. Our goal is to give you the most authentic experience of this incredible cuisine as possible. Visit us at Pho D-Lite today and let us show you what real Thai Curry tastes like. Once you try it, you will be back again and again!

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